Helen Green

1. I work in various sketchbooks depending on the project. Brands I usually buy are Seawhite, Pink Pig, and Moleskine (watercolour notebook). I often work in A5 books, but occasionally A4 is a better option for more detailed work.


2. I choose to use either H or HB for my initial pencil sketches, nothing too dark as I rub out the pencil after I ink the drawing. I use B pencils for shading over watercolour in my underpaintings. I currently use Cumberland pencils but I’m looking into trying Prismacolours.


3. I use ordinary ball-point pen for the majority of my work, no specific brand. I feel it has a nice quality for my kind of illustration. 


4. Staedtler Mars Plastic eraser for cleaning up my rough pencil sketches.


5. Uni Pin or Staedtler are brands I go with for fine-liners. I use these when I want cleaner, solid linework.


6. Winsor and Newton black indian ink (for illustrations like these)


7. Manuscript Leonardt dip pen & nibs. For cross-hatching, fine detail. and fluidity of line thickness.



8. Winsor and Newton watercolours.


9. Watercolour brushes; Winsor and Newton & Major Brushes. I often use round brush sizes 2, 6 and 12.


10. For a different texture I use Derwent watercolour pencils.


11. For added highlights I use white acrylic paint.



"How long do your drawings take to complete?"

Usually between 3-5 hours, sometimes longer depending on the scale and detail.

"Do you take requests?"

Suggestions are more than welcome! Many of my drawings are done in response to popular requests, and my own personal taste. 


"Can I get one of your drawings tattooed?"

I really appreciate when people ask this, but I don’t mind people getting my work tattooed, I think it’s awesome! If you do get something tattooed, I’d love to see!


"Do you sell your drawings?"

I haven’t yet decided to sell any of my original drawings, but at some point I plan to put my etsy store into action and sell some old and new originals. I’ll drop a link here when that happens!


"Do you take commissions?"

I’m currently busy during my final weeks of university, but will be accepting commissions after I finish (during June). For any commission enquiries feel free to contact me here helenisgreen(at)gmail(dot)com - Thanks!

"What about personal commissions?"

At the moment I can’t take personal commissions as well as professional commissions, but I’ll update this answer when I’m available to take this kind of work! Thanks for the patience!

"When did you start drawing? / How did you learn to draw like this?"

It’s something I’ve always loved doing, so I can’t really pin-point a secific age when I started drawing. The point where I took it more seriously was while I studied art at college, where I learnt a whole new set of skills. My current illustrative style has developed through frequent sketching and practicing in my own time. 


"Any tips on improving precision / accuracy?"

There is a tip I always use, and that is whilst I’m drawing, I occasionally hold my drawing up to a mirror. It completely changes the way I see it, and helps me identify mistakes easier. 

"Can you make a video of your process?"

I’ll leave a link here when I create a time-lapse video. It’s something I plan to do!

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