Helen Green

"How long do your drawings take to complete?"

Currently anywhere up to 10 hours including editing in Photoshop.

"Do you take requests?"

Suggestions are more than welcome! Many of my drawings are done in response to popular requests, and my own personal taste.

"Can I get one of your drawings tattooed?"

I really appreciate when people ask this, but I don’t mind people getting my work tattooed, I think it’s awesome! If you do get something tattooed, I’d love to see!

"Do you sell your drawings?"

If I ever decide to part with original drawings, I will be selling them here, along with signed prints and other items directly from me!

You can also find my work at Society6 on phone cases/skins, clothing, pillows, framed prints and many other items. (huge thanks to those who have bought and shared their purchases!) Keep an eye out on my twitter feed for Free Shipping days!

"Do you take commissions?"

For commercial / editorial commissions (will be open to personal commissions soon) please email me at contact(at)helengreenillustration.com 

"When did you start drawing? / How did you learn to draw like this?"

It’s something I’ve always loved doing, so I can’t really pin-point a secific age when I started drawing. The point where I took it more seriously was while I studied art at college, where I learnt a whole new set of skills. My current illustrative style has developed through frequent sketching and practicing in my own time.

"Any tips on improving precision / accuracy?"

There is one tip I always use. As I’m working on a drawing, I occasionally hold it up to a mirror. It completely changes the way I see it, and helps me identify mistakes more easily. 

"Can you make a video of your process?"

I’ll leave a link here when I create a time-lapse video. It’s something I plan to do! For now, check out my Instagram (@HelenGreeen) for mini videos.

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